Data Center Cage

Data Center Cage


Data Center Cage

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SITOCA designed Data Centre Cage provides physical security to server racks housed within co-location data-centres separating different client’s IT infrastructure hardwares and preventing unauthorised entry. Each cage is purpose build and customised based on the customer’s requirement and location. 

With a integrated solution of cage and security bar or mesh, the entire cage from the concrete floor below the raised floor tiles to the top concrete ceiling, will be secure. Cage panels comes with customer preferred perforation type that suits their security and airflow priorities within the data-centre. 

Cage sliding doors are designed to integrate with customer’s own card access security system.

Sitoca Data-Centre Cage Features

  • Modular Design
  • Different size and shape of panel vented holes
  • Standard and customised panel widths
  • Colour - Standard Black or White
  • Auto closing sliding door
  • Security bar or mesh below raised floor tiles
  • Security bar or mesh above cage panels