Mobile Laptop Charging Table

Mobile Laptop Charging Table

Notebook/Tablet Mobile Storage Charging Cart

Mobile Laptop Charging Table

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A uniquely designed cart that charge 20 Notebooks or Tablets. This Charging Cart is rugged yet mobile and allow the client to Lockup the electronic devices.  Fitted with fan to extract the heat within, they come with PSB approved power distribution unit and double locking system. 10 years proven track record since PMO projects. 
• Maximum slot size 400 x 265 x 25mm

• Fastest charging time

• Rubber bumper as corner protection

• Bright Light indicator to be alert on operating

• Keylock and provision for padlock as second security

• Heavy duty runner to extract shelves smoothly

• Inter Locking stopper to ensure cart stability

• PE cushion on the divider to prevent scratches on devices

• Powder coated to prevent corrosion.